Interactive Touch System

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Quick and easy to set up, the Interactive Touch System mounts to any flat surface in minutes. After installation, connect it to a computer, then connect the computer to a projector and you're ready to go. It can turn any wall into an interactive environment. Plus, the size of the whiteboard is adjustable for a perfect fit in both small and large rooms. The whiteboard is flexible in other ways as well. You can use your finger, a stylus or any other pen-shaped object to navigate through your activities. It even supports multi-touch gestures, which enable you to use your finger to annotate, your fist to scroll through pages and two fingers to erase or zoom in and out. The system also includes software that supports multiple operating systems, a variety of digital links, hand writing recognition and direct access to the Internet. The software features a customizable floating toolbar as well. It even lets you import Microsoft Office files from Word, PowerPoint, etc.


  • Quickly Mounts to Any Flat Surface
  • Active Area Adjustable Between 45 - 90''
  • Use Finger, Stylus or Pen-Like Object
  • Multi-Touch Hand Gestures
  • Includes Software
  • Support for Several Operating Systems
  • Customizable Floating Toolbar
  • Hand Writing Recognition
  • Remote Conferencing
  • Import Microsoft Office Files

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